Who is an Orphan?

In Ukraine today, a lot of orphans are social orphans, which means that they have living parents. Abandonment at birth and children being taken away, by the state, from alcoholic or abusive parents are two of the main reasons these kids are placed in orphanages.

They graduate (or age out of) the orphanage at the end of grade 9, even though they have not yet completed their schooling. At this point, they are unprepared to function in the real world. The orphanage system does not prepare children with life skills, such as basic hygiene or cooking, needed to live independently. Also, they have had no family model on which to base their future relationships.

  • 73% of orphans will not find work
  • 70% of boys will be involved in crime
  • 60% of girls become prostitutes
  • 10% commit suicide before their 18th birthday

This is what YWAM Kyiv is doing to help an overwhelming and under-funded problem in Ukraine.



Twice a week we visit a school called Vasilkov, a trade school for children that have graduated (or aged out of) the orphanage. At the school, we have remodeled one of the rooms into a coffee house. Here, our main objective is to build meaningful relationships with the young people. We hang out, talk, play games, and serve coffee and tea.


Nearly every month, Key of Hope hosts weekend seminars for orphans from Vasilkov. During these 2-3 day mini-courses, we teach anything from practical skills like cooking, finance, or how to prepare for a job interview, to creative skills such as art or photography. We may also introduce career building skills, such as computers, during these sessions. This gives us an opportunity to go deep with a few kids, as well as offer some practical ways for students to develop skills to improve their lives.


Outreaches to Western Ukraine have a strong influence among the children in Chaslivsi, an orphanage in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Among other events, we host an annual summer camp for the orphanage and bring gifts for the children during the Christmas season.


Family Ministries

Family ministries in Kyiv runs a monthly family club, helps organize marriage week around Ukraine and ministers in churches emphasizing the primary importance of the family as the corner stone of society.


Aqueduct is a ministry that offers biblical training in the form of courses and seminars to believers in our city. Aqueduct runs six New Testament courses as well as seminars on Inductive Bible Study and Bible Overview.

Team Xtreme

Team Xtreme is a group of world class athletes, conditioning experts and power lifters with a concern for today’s young generations. In Kyiv, Team Xtreme uses feats of extraordinary strength to convey the gospel message.