Discipleship Training School


The Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Kyiv is an intense 6 month program centered around YWAM’s motto to Know God and make Him Known. This school consists of 2 phases, 12 weeks of lectures followed by 10 weeks of outreach. The DTS is designed to help students become equipped with the tools needed to help fulfill the Great Commission. During their time with us, students are challenged to renew their minds, through thought provoking Bible based discipleship. They will also experience what it means to live in community, and will have the opportunity to cultivate deeper relationships with God and with others. Cross-cultural exposure and global awareness are also special emphases throughout these courses, preparing the students to reach current and future generations; and answer the call to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:19. The framework of the DTS program is built around YWAM’s Foundational Values and the active application of Biblical principles. Our desire is to create an environment in which students are challenged to grow in their relationships with God and with others and are equipped with practical tools to live out Biblical principles on the mission field, or with a “mission’s mind” at home. Once the DTS is completed, graduates may continue training by attending one of YWAM’s secondary schools through our University of the Nations; or they may seek to join Youth With A Mission staff at one of our 1000+ operating locations in over 180 countries.

Next School

  • Next school: September 2017 to February 2018
  • Lecture Phase: $1500
  • Outreach Phase: $1200-$2000
  • Contact: dts@ywamkyiv.org


  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Three References
  3. Completed Health Form
  4. Personal History Questions Answered


The school is run in the beautiful city of Kyiv, Ukraine. During the first twelve weeks, the lecture phase, you will hear from international speakers about a variety of topics. The lectures are in English and Russian with translation. Topics include:

  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Missions and Evangelism
  • Father Heart of God
  • Identity in Christ
  • Biblical World View
  • Godly Living
  • And many more.


Outreach is a 10 week, cross cultural experience focused on evangelism, mercy ministries, and training. Students are divided into teams and are sent, along with staff outreach leaders, to various locations across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This is the opportunity for students to take what they have learned during lecture phase and apply it on the missions field. It is an experience that gives students tools to live out practical, biblical obedience no matter where God calls them. Possible Outreach Locations:  Ukraine (Crimea, Vinnitsa, Lugansk), Turkey, Central Asia, Russia (Siberia), Moldova, Thailand, Cambodia, Albania.

What does an avarare day in DTS looks like?

Students in the Discipleship Training School will get the chance to grow both in and outside of the classroom. The goal for lecture phase is to get to know God and we allow the students to meet with God in various ways throughout these few months. An average day in lecture phase begins with personal quiet time with God followed by an hour of either intercessional prayer or worship altogether as a group. The rest of the morning is spent in the classroom learning about various topics (The Father Heart of God, Identity in Christ, Holy Spirit, Nature and Character of God, Relationships and many more). Most afternoons usually begin with 2-3 hours of work duties which is when the students help out in practical ways around the base (general cleaning, preparing rooms for guests, helping before and after meals, helping maintain our property and even childcare). We believe that community living also includes community cleaning and doing your part to maintain a healthy environment for everyone to enjoy. Late afternoons are usually spent preparing for the 2 month outreach that follows lecture phase. After supper, the students have the opportunity to take part in local ministries (leading an English discussion club, working with our Key of Hope orphan ministry, joining Teen Challenge in their weekly evangelism to the homeless and even participating in some local youth groups in the city).

Apart from their everyday routine, the DTS students are also asked to read books such as “Is That Really You God?” and “Foreign to familiar” which allow them to see how God has worked in the lives of other missionaries and even how we can practically prepare to serve in a foreign country. As you can imagine, this school is designed to be intense and informative with a lot of new challenges pushing you outside of your comfort zone, and that is why we are dedicated to the practice of having one-on- one mentors for each student. Every staff member acts as a one-on- one to at least one of the DTS students to help them process everything they are learning and experiencing, as well as be there for them, supporting them and praying for them throughout the school. Each day the students are learning valuable skills that will prepare them for their time on outreach and set the foundation for long term missions work in the future.

An average day on outreach

It can look very different than an average day in lecture phase as our goal has changed from “knowing God” to “making God known.” At this point the students have had the opportunity to learn more about God and experienced His work in their hearts and lives, therefore they will now get the opportunity to share with others what God has done. Every outreach is different and therefore it is hard to describe an average day on outreach, however, there are a few things that stay consistent. Like lecture phase, a day always begins with spending personal time with God followed by either intercessional prayer or worship together as a team. The rest of the day is spent taking part in various ministries that are available wherever your outreach location may be. In the past, outreach ministries have included ministering and feeding gypsy families and kids, aiding in refugee camps, doing street evangelism, sharing in churches and youth groups, feeding and evangelizing to the homeless, interceding for the area through prayer walks, passing out Bibles and doing practical work for local churches and missionaries. Our goal on outreach is to reach the nations and ultimately see the Great Commission fulfilled, being sensitive to what God has planned for us during that time and being open for Him to use us for His glory.

The DTS, overall, is an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to fully focus on God. Often times, everyday life gets in the way of our desire to grow deeper with Him, that’s why the DTS is so special; it gives you the chance to devote 6 months of your life to getting to know God and making Him known. The lecture phase allows you to be challenged in what you have previously believed and gives God an opportunity to reveal and teach you new things about both Him and who He created you to be. The outreach phase then allows you to take what God has revealed to you and share it with others, making God known among the nations. Not only do you get the privilege of being used by God for His glory, but you also receive healing, revelations, answers and a better understanding of who our God really is which is something that will transform you from the inside out.